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Great Music, Bands and Artists

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      This song is timeless and perfect. I just discovered it today. What a great artist. Vince Gill sings backup vocals.

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      Lately it’s the 90s country that’s getting me. Catchy tunes and upbeat. Here’s a band I had never heard of with a fantastic song

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      Some nice chicken pickin’ guitars are Fender Telecaster

      Fender Telecaster and Blues Junior Amp

      I had a black one a little while back, used it with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp, looked just like the amp in the photo

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      A great album by Stevie that my mother had a cassette tape when I was a lad, never stopped loving it

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      I remember this tune comes from a movie , excellent lyrics, musicianship and singing vocal harmony in the final verse. A true timeless piece

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      On the edge of the day,

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      Ron Sexsmith

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      The soothing sound of Sweet Baby James

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      Bee Double E Double R You In?

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      Toto / love isn’t always on time

Viewing 9 reply threads
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